Focal Point Biedjovággi

Northern landscapes and territories are to an increasing degree exposed to strong economic and political interests, working to achieve ownership, exclusive rights and definition power in territories that are carriers of complex stories and tacit knowledge. Focal point Biedjovággi will relate to the critical debate on the development of Northern landscapes and aims to be a platform for experimental approaches to the landscapes. In the latent conflict of mining in Biedjovàggi the interests of the different landscape actors are in fierce conflict, and the studio will discuss to what extent this opposition can be negotiated. Through introductory and thematic investigations projects will be developed and defined at different scales, and will shed light on contradictions and interests in the landscape, also through design solutions. Through theoretically and visually informed thematic investigations, the students will define their own project assignments. These will be generated both by individual and collective experiences. The assignment will process findings at different scales and will shed light on differences and interests in the landscape. Texts, essays and articles by, among others, Doreen Massey (for space), Elinor Ostrom (Governing the Commons), Deleuze & Guattari (Rhizome - A Thousand Plateaus) and Bruno Latour (We have never been modern) will be studied and discussed. Invited local and international guests and experts will contribute under the themes of field work, the commons, vulnerability and reorientation.
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