seminar: positions

Åsa Sonjasdotter, artist and professor at the Tromsø Art Academy organized the highly interesting and inspirational seminar on positions within art. Invited speakers:

Hanna Horsberg Hansen:
On the essay A Story About Sámi Traditions in Transition about the mural decorations for a new school in Láhpoluoppal by artists Synnøve Persen, Aage Gaup, Josef Halse, Ingunn Utsi and Maja Dunfjeld. This artistic collaboration paved the way for vastly important changes in Sámi art. New stories of Sámi art began, stories that exceed the methods and discourses of Art History.

Matti Aikio:
On topics concerning reindeer herding and art production in Finnmark. Aikio is a visual artist who works with photography, video, installations and sculpture. Aikio is interested in the concept of nomadism as a philosophy, culture and way of life.

Fernando García-Dory: On his practice as artist and agro-ecologist, a work which engages specifically with issues affecting the relation between culture-nature, embodied within the contexts of landscape, the rural, desires and expectations related with identity aspects, crisis, utopia and social change. Interested in the harmonic complexity of biological forms and processes, his work addresses connections and cooperation, from microorganisms to social systems, and from traditional art languages such as drawing to collaborative agroecological projects, actions, and cooperatives.

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